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The Difference Between the Successful and the Average

Mistakes are not failure...

Whenever I meet a coaching client’s sales team for the first time, I throw them this question:

If you need to make 25 calls to get one RM1000 sale, did you make RM1000 from 1 call, or did you make RM40 per call from 25 calls?

The top salespeople in each group always answer RM40 per call while the rest usually call it a trick question.

That’s the difference between the successful and the average in any field.

The successful, in this case, knows without 24 “NO”s, they’ll not get 1 “YES”.

It’s the same as making mistakes.

The “very successful” make lots of mistakes and carry those mistakes like a badge of honor. The “less successful” laugh at the mistakes the “very successful” make and wonder why they achieve less than those they laugh at.

Have you made a lot of mistakes this year? Well done! May 2017 be your most mistake filled year yet 😉

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The Familybiz Works Team

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