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June 24th, 2021

Dear Family Business Owner,

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We have a gift for you from Familybiz Works(FBW; formerly Compelling Management Workshops), success driven business owner’s trusted Sounding Board & Confidant for over 19 years across 31 different industries.

Let me explain …

Building a successful a Family Business is not the same as building a non-family business. There's 2 pillars you need to focus on, your Family Pillar and your Profit Pillar.

Focus only on your Profit Pillar and neglect your Family Pillar, or, hope the family side of the business will “take care of itself so long as the business is profitable”, you risk longterm instability, unmet expectations and conflict.

Focus only on your Family Pillar, you risk having a stagnant business that grows at a snail’s pace, lacking fresh ideas, energy and innovation.

Get both your Family and Profit pillars firing at full effectiveness, your business will run like a well oiled machine and you will see explosive growth!

My name is MW Chow and I am FBW’s Co-Founder & Principal Coach. I would like to offer you a gift of my trial Breakthru'Now Coaching session, Family Business Edition. These private 1-to-1 sessions with me normally costs RM750 but I am giving 8 trial sessions per month to selected family business owners. I am doing this because I am looking to help selected Family Businesses that fit my criteria achieve explosive results.

This Breakthru'Now Coaching session will show you the Family Pillar, 6 Key Functionalities(VACSSE) every Family Business need to implement to run like a well-oiled machine, where every family member is aligned & focused on the same goals. We will also go through & teach you the Profit Pillar, the 7 Profit Multipliers every profitable business is practicing for maximum profitability and scalability, guaranteed.

This will only take 90-120 minutes of your time but may forever transform your business & your life! Please accept this as a gift from me, but hurry and call in to book your session with me, as I will only do 8 Breakthru'Now Coaching session, Family Business Edition, each month.

Here is a little bit more about me. I am an entrepreneur and I have owned and run several businesses since I was 26 year old; including representing 2 international coaching/consulting franchises and owning a professional search & selection (headhunting) business.

I won multiple awards while representing these franchises including being named the best Rookie in Asia Pacific, Train the Trainer and continuously included in their Top Performers’ Inner Circle. Throughout 19 years, several thousand business owners from 31 different industries have experienced my courses, from seminars and workshops to personal coaching programs, 55% of which are family businesses.

Here’s what some of our clients say about us:

Michael Lee, owner of Asialux Sdn Bhd ( said:

“... they are truly GREAT at what they do … we have obtained proven result and the increase of our sales turnover. Besides this, my son has also gain a lot of knowledge and strategies and now he is able to bear a heavy responsibilities in the company…”

Chevelle Yong, 2nd generation MD of SD Container Storage SB said:

“... Initially skeptical... Today my dad is enjoying his retirement while I am running the business, executing the strategies I’ve learnt.”

Ar Vincent Lee, owner of Vincent Lee Architect ( said:

“... an implementable sales & marketing plan where my team & I have successfully generated positive results.
... work becomes more consistent & predictable, leading to a more positive environment.”

Note: More testimonials here.

It costs you absolutely nothing except 90-120 minutes of exchanging ideas with a fellow business owner, after that, we either see enough value to work together, or we part as friends. I personally guarantee you will walk away excited with a few ideas you can implement immediately, even without our help.

Remember, as our clients are the priority, we only do 8 Breakthru'Now Coaching session each month strictly on a first-come-first-served basis at pre-allocated time slots. At other times, we charge RM750. Book NOW to secure one of the only 8 slots for June 2021 and get at least 1-2 ideas to optimize your business TODAY.

Click here to register.


MW Chow
Partner & Co-Founder
Familybiz Works (SA0292520-W)

WARNING: Don't sign up for this session if you are easily offended. We conduct this 1-to-1 session in an open and frank manner to give YOU the best results.

Want to know more about how we can help? Register for a Breakthru'Now Coaching session.
This session is the result of 19 years of research involving 1300+ business owners across 31 different industries; summarized into a precise, 90 minutes "how to increase profits & achieve breakthroughs" diagnostic process.

Participants’ Feedback on this trial session

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Some of Our Coaching and Training Sessions

A Few of The Businesses We Work With...

Note: We specialize in working with owner-run SMI/SMEs, we do not work with listed Corporations.

What Clients Say About Our Coach… 2003 ~ Current

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Hardware distribution, hardware sales & support, flooring retail/project, water dispensing/retailing, mlm, branding & packaging, property development, car distribution, pollution control & system integration, timber door manufacturing, glass machinery & parts distribution retailing/project, departmental store, insurance agency, furniture retail & distribution, event planning, interior design & architecture, multimedia & web, welding distribution & consulting, medical laboratory & instrumentation, food manufacturing & retail & distribution, training & consulting businesses, massage & health-care, beauty & health-care, printing, kitchen design & retail & manufacturing, building materials fabricators, restaurants & cafes, storage & document management, electrical engineering & contracting, fast moving consumer products, bakery, car accessories, plumbing, legal practices, fashion retail & production...

  • 55% : Family Businesses
  • 25% : Non-Family Businesses with Partners
  • 20% : Non-Family Businesses without Partners

Clients Work With Us On…

Growing Profits
Building Systems & Team
Aligning Partners/Family Members
Exit/Succession Planning
Want to know more about how we can help? Register for a Breakthru'Now Coaching session.
This session is the result of 19 years of research involving 1300+ business owners across 31 different industries; summarized into a precise, 90 minutes "how to increase profits & achieve breakthroughs" diagnostic process.

Participants’ Feedback on this trial session

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