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Traditional Marketing is Dead! (Is it?)
Today whenever you access Facebook, tons of Gurus proclaim traditional marketing (print, broadcast, direct mail, telemarketing, etc) as dead... are they?

Watch this video to find the answer and what businesses with longevity do.

Leadership vs Ownership Succession Planning.
What is the difference between Leadership & Ownership Succession Planning? Why should family business owners, especially first generation business founders, start with leadership succession.

Watch the video to find out the 4 options for 1st generation business founder and how to make the right choice.

First to Second Generation Succession Plan.
What is the best succession plan for a first generation family business? Are there other better options for the founder?

Watch this video for the answer, including 4 crucial questions you need to ask yourself before embarking on succession planning.

Family Business Compensation Plan.
Setting an effective compensation plan is important to ensure you get the best performance out of family & non-family employees while preserving harmony.

Watch this video to understand the 3 typical compensation plans most family businesses use and the issues involved.

5% vs 95%, Why the best gets better while the average stays average.
A lot have been written and said about the top performers in every area of life versus their more average counterparts.

Overcoming Price Objection
Is price competition eating into your margin and profitability?
Watch this video to learn how to move away from price competition.

Unmet Expectations, the Silent Family Business Killer
Unmet expectations, if not resolved in a family business, lead to chaos, watch the video for tips on resolving it.

Routine vs Non-Routine Tasks
The key to providing career growth, maximizing productivity & profitability.

Are You Upset with the Results You are Getting?

Recruitment Reality Check.

"This Won't Work in My Industry", the Innovation Killer.

Is He My Dad or My Boss?
Not clearly differentiating work and family relationships is one of the most frustrating and costly mistake family businesses make.

Drill it IN.
The key to mastering new skills, building systems & creating culture.

2 Keys to Unlocking UNLIMITED Marketing Budget in Your Business.
Do NOT spend another cent on marketing until you master these 2 keys.

How do you sell a Ferrari?
The right message to the right target market.
Family Rules and the Family Business.
Family Rules can make or break your business.


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