Do you sometimes get the nagging feeling that you and your business are just one small step away from achieving a breakthrough in...

  • your profit & growth goals...
  • your freedom goals, with your team running your business independently without you...
  • having a profitable & harmonious, conflict-free family business (or with your partners)...

... but it seems like that final step,
the missing piece of the puzzle,
is just so elusive...?

July 18th, 2024

Do you ever get this feeling that you have been doing everything “right” in your business... You have worked hard, long hours, you have hired the best people you can find and invested in them, you have invested in sales & marketing, you have given opportunities to your family members, you have done your best in molding your successors, you have worked out the best roles with your partners....

And yet, somehow, the final results are just short of your expectations, somehow, there’s just something missing, some elusive ingredient that you just can’t put your finger on that is preventing your business from achieving it’s full potential...

... You are frustrated!

You have tried attending seminars, reading books, you have seen all the facebook ads and even watched some webinars & attended some live events promising quick fixes to everything from instant growth to instant leads to instant profits to instant sales results to instant super performing teams....

... But still... It all seems to lead to more salesy up-sells of expensive, done-for-you template type services and your gut tells you it appears to be like scams or get-rich-quick schemes... because your experience tells you if something is too good to be true then it probably is ...

You may also have heard of coaching and its so-called “miracle outcomes”, it seems like everyone is a coach of some sort nowadays... Flip open the newspaper or log in to facebook, coaching ads pop-up and they all seem to be selling the same message, “learn from me because I am rich, I know what you are going through because I have gone through it myself, I have made it and I have secrets to share that will solve all your problems instantly without you having to do a thing, just give me all your money”...

You are skeptical and you are right to be skeptical... If these coaches are where they claim to be, shouldn’t they all be financially retired sipping mai tai in Hawaii instead of spending thousands of dollars on facebook ads to sell services that make much less than what their successful businesses are supposed to be making them, or so they claimed?

As a thinking business owner with more than some experience under your belt, all these might even make you a little bit cynical and put you off from considering external help.

Which is the reason I have a different sort of offer to make you today, which you might find useful, minus the hype and big words...

I’ll start by being completely honest with you...

I don't know what is important to you because I do not know you, but, I personally believe genuine professional business coaching, the right & proper kind, is able to get you the elusive breakthroughs you need to reach your goals, but, there are no “miracle outcomes” as it requires some effort on your part... you can achieve miraculous results only if you put in the effort and work with the right coach(for you)...

Here is what an experienced, professionally trained coach is and can potentially do for you:

1. Help you clarify goals and provide a framework to get there... you will feel motivated, energized & full of ideas & clear steps to take after every session.

2. Provide coaching confidentiality & don’t plaster your face everywhere as testimonials over every small achievement, unless you expressly consent to it after a period of consistent results.

3. Be tough on you when it's necessary even if it means losing you as a client.

4. Not your friend but someone who holds you accountable to be the best you can be because your coach believes in you and your abilities to get the results you want.

5. Have domain expertise in his area of specialization, business coaches understand businesses and business owners; health coaches understand healthy lifestyle, diet, exercise; relationship coaches understand what make relationships work, etc, etc...

By the way, in the 5 items above, I am not just talking about myself, I am talking about the absolute minimum standard you should demand if you ever consider getting a coach, any coach, for yourself. I usually demand more from coaches I engage for myself.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

My name is Man Wah, I am a Professional Business Coach with 19+ years of coaching experience. I get the best results with SMI/SME business owners who see things differently, who are a little bit skeptical about things they read or watch and who always ask the tough questions upfront before they commit to working with someone they don’t know.

I find the most productive coaching relationship starts from an “initial mutual distrust”, where you ask tough questions and in return you respond to tough questions asked by your potential coach... And both are satisfied with the answers provided to give coaching a try, without longterm contracts or commitments. These are the business owners who usually go all out above & beyond 100% to achieve results once they get over their initial skepticism.

Over the past 19 years, I have coached business owners in 31 different industries on...

... Profitability challenges, I coach them on how to grow their profit, step-by-step, in a systematic way.

... Partnership challenges, I help align the partners on common goals and failing which, work on resolutions that is best for the business and the partners.

... Team challenges, I coach them on how to build and most importantly, how to lead a championship team.

... Family members & succession challenges, I help to align family members and work with them on succession or development plan, whichever is most appropriate for each unique situation.

These business owners run businesses ranging from small husband-wife teams right up to multi-million ringgit setups and are from diverse backgrounds... some are professionals while some are “school of hard knocks” entrepreneurs, some speak several languages while some only speak chinese dialects, more than half are family businesses. They all started off skeptical about what coaching is about and asked tough questions during our free trial session.

But after overcoming their skeptism and giving it a try, here’s what some of them have to say about us today:

Michael Lee, owner of Asialux Sdn Bhd ( said:

“... they are truly GREAT at what they do … we have obtained proven result and the increase of our sales turnover. Besides this, my son has also gain a lot of knowledge and strategies and now he is able to bear a heavy responsibilities in the company…”

John Heng, owner of Happy Movers Relocation SB ( said:

“... I successfully put in strategies to generate inquiries that works for my business.
.. I put the sales & marketing strategies that are working into a proper system ...”

Ar Vincent Lee, owner of Vincent Lee Architect ( said

“... an implementable sales & marketing plan where my team & I have successfully generated positive results. ... work becomes more consistent & predictable, leading to a more positive environment.”

SL Lim, owner of Mont Galaxy Sdn Bhd, a property investment firm, said:

“... I worked with Familybiz Works for almost 3 years and I am happy with the results I achieved during that time. ... If you are serious & committed to growing, I’m sure they can help...”

Again, I don’t know you and what you need, but I am hoping to... I am confident my coaching can be the final missing piece that helps you to breakthrough and achieve your goals.

That is why I am offering you one of my trial Breakthru'NOW Coaching session; I normally charge walk-ins RM750 per session.

Think of this session as you having a 1-2 hours “deep dive”, stimulating conversation over a cup of coffee with an objective, neutral outsider, whose point of view is not influenced by your industry experience and the filters or blindspots that often come from being too close to your day-to-day routines, if you get what I mean...

A trial Breakthru'NOW Coaching session is conducted just like a regular coaching session with one of my paying clients. During the session...

... I will ask you powerful, insightful questions to help you clarify your goals.

... I will help you to brainstorm & identify specific strategies you need to work on to achieve your goals.

... At the end of this session, you will have a clearer sense of purpose and leave with an outline of an action plan to move your business in the right direction.

... After that, it is entirely up to you: you may want to accelerate your growth and have me coach you through the implementation; or you may want to just take the knowledge back with you to do it on your own, I leave that to you entirely.

My trial Breakthru'NOW session is not for the faint hearted or the easily offended. I can be blunt and often am because sometimes people just need a kick to wake up. Most people walk into my trial Breakthru'NOW session expecting a salesy sales pitch, only to be shocked that I am actually deep diving into their businesses, their goals and exactly what they should be doing to achieve their goals. They are surprised I am treating them as though they are paying clients, but that is exactly what I promised and I am just delivering on my promise - I conduct it in exactly the same way I do for my clients.

Book your free & personal trial Breakthru'NOW coaching session now.

I look forward to our session soon, but please do hurry and book immediately as being a small private practice, I only have time for 8 trial Breakthru'NOW Coaching sessions each month, at other times, there’ll be a fee of RM750 as I need to focus on my clients.

If you have any queries about this offer and how I may be able to help, reach out to my partner Catherine Lee at 012-3138716 or fill in the contact form.

Have a profitable day & I look forward to chatting with you soon!

Chow Man Wah
Partner & Co-Founder
Familybiz Works (SA0292520-W) | 03-55252052 (p)

Ps: Remember, only 8 trial Breakthru'NOW Coaching sessions available per month, session 9 onwards incur a fee of RM750.

Want to know more about how we can help? Register for a Breakthru'Now Coaching session.
This session is the result of 19 years of research involving 1300+ business owners across 31 different industries; summarized into a precise, 90 minutes "how to increase profits & achieve breakthroughs" diagnostic process.

Participants’ Feedback on this trial session

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Some of Our Coaching and Training Sessions

A Few of The Businesses We Work With...

Note: We specialize in working with owner-run SMI/SMEs, we do not work with listed Corporations.

What Clients Say About Our Coach… 2003 ~ Current

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Hardware distribution, hardware sales & support, flooring retail/project, water dispensing/retailing, mlm, branding & packaging, property development, car distribution, pollution control & system integration, timber door manufacturing, glass machinery & parts distribution retailing/project, departmental store, insurance agency, furniture retail & distribution, event planning, interior design & architecture, multimedia & web, welding distribution & consulting, medical laboratory & instrumentation, food manufacturing & retail & distribution, training & consulting businesses, massage & health-care, beauty & health-care, printing, kitchen design & retail & manufacturing, building materials fabricators, restaurants & cafes, storage & document management, electrical engineering & contracting, fast moving consumer products, bakery, car accessories, plumbing, legal practices, fashion retail & production...

  • 55% : Family Businesses
  • 25% : Non-Family Businesses with Partners
  • 20% : Non-Family Businesses without Partners

Clients Work With Us On…

Growing Profits
Building Systems & Team
Aligning Partners/Family Members
Exit/Succession Planning
Want to know more about how we can help? Register for a Breakthru'Now Coaching session.
This session is the result of 19 years of research involving 1300+ business owners across 31 different industries; summarized into a precise, 90 minutes "how to increase profits & achieve breakthroughs" diagnostic process.

Participants’ Feedback on this trial session

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