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Watch video instead.   Heya Folks, Over the weekend, I did a session on a method of counseling known as the Satir Model, pioneered by a Family Therapist by the name of Virginia Satir, whose teaching is also the foundation of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) as we know it today. But the reason I’m writing […]

Traditional Marketing is Dead! (Is It?)

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Watch video instead.   Hi Folks, Today, whenever you access Facebook, you will see tons of declarations about traditional marketing being dead and digital marketing being the only way forward, with hundreds of “masterclass” being offered to help you jump onto the social media or digital marketing train, or, they claim, you’re going to be […]

How Do You Sell A Ferrari?

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Watch video instead. It has been an interesting few weeks… I met 2 business owners in the hardware industry, one selling machinery and one renting them out, both made very similar remarks about their businesses: I sell/rent Ferrari’s, my competitors sell/rent Proton Saga’s (local Malaysian car brand for those not familiar), my prospects don’t know […]

Efficiency vs Effectiveness

Efficiency vs Effectiveness in Sales & Marketing

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Hi Folks, Many entrepreneurs I work with mistake efficiency for effectiveness in sales & marketing. Online marketing (social media, google ads, SEO, etc) are usually efficient, easy to automate and you have analytical data automatically generated and nicely formatted for your perusal… are they effective? “Traditional”, or offline marketing (print, salespeople, strategic alliances, direct mailers, […]

You get the team & the customers you deserve

Sales Pitch Done Right

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Hi Folks, Recently I met a business owner whose main complaint was not being able to recruit good agents/resellers for his business. His business model is recruiting non-salaried salespeople as agents to promote & sell his products. I asked him to pitch me as though I am a potential agent, here is a summary of […]

Hang-ups Impede Lasting Growth

Getting Past Your Past

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Note: This was an internal email for our clients, but many said it helped them & encouraged us to post it up, so here it is. It’s not our usual business growth story, feel free to skip if you’re here for business related stories but if you stay, you may just find something in it […]

Profit Pillar + Family Pillar = Successful Family Business

Family Business, The Difference

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Building a successful a family business is not the same as building a non-family business. There’s 2 pillars you need to focus on, the Family Pillar and the Profit Pillar. If you only focus on the Profit Pillar and ignore the Family Pillar, or you hope the family side of the business will “take care […]