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Watch video instead.

This is possibly the most blunt entry I’ve ever written, but one that will give you tremendous results, should you choose to act on it.

Let me explain… Here are some of the most common challenges business owners shared with me…


Their teams are not spending their time productively.

If you DO NOTHING ELSE BUT JUST THIS: spend 5 minutes every morning working out the top 5-6 tasks for each person every single day for 6 months… will the team be more productive and get close to a well oiled machine after that period? Will new team members getting into the process from day 1 acquire bad habits? You think?


Sales teams not bringing in enough sales.

If you DO NOTHING ELSE BUT THIS: spend 1 solid hour per week going through every sale challenge, every objection, analyze every activity, role-play every scenario, repeatedly, every single week, for 6 months… will the sales team produce more after that period? Will new team members fit in quickly and produce sooner? You think?


Production teams, delivery teams, not producing or delivering efficiently.

If you DO NOTHING ELSE BUT THIS: spend 1 solid hour per week working through every single production & delivery challenge, one at a time, one per week, every single week, for 6 months… do you think your production & delivery will improve after that period? Will new team members understand and fit in quicker? You think?


Customer service teams not handling customers’ complaints well.

Refer to the first 3 areas... you get the idea?


Let's face it:

How many of your salespeople can rattle off without needing to think, the top 5-6 objections any time you ask and give you the same answers on how to handle those objections, every single time?
A well oiled "sales machine", every single salesperson can.

How many of your customer service reps can rattle off the top 4 customer complaints and the exact steps to handle them?
A well oiled "customer service machine", every single rep can.

How many of your production staff know the exact steps to complete their task?
A well oiled "production machine", every single one can.


Here is the biggest stumbling block to most business owners - Refusing to impose the required discipline on themselves and their teams, looking for "magic" trainings and processes that can be run once and solve all their problems forever.


Let’s get real:

There is no such training or processes on earth.

Repetition is the key.

Drilling it in is the key.


Just like mastering a golf swing requires repeated attempts, building your business requires the same discipline. Repeat until it becomes natural. Repeat until it becomes a way of life. Repeat until it becomes the culture.


So this weekend, if you learn and do nothing else, refer back to the top of this article, pick ONE area to focus on and start to drill it in. You'll be amazed at the results.

Have a profitable day!

The Familybiz Works Team


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