people x process = profit

People x Process = Profit, but, where is the breakdown?

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If you have attended business seminars before (regardless of source), you will most likely have come across this common equation: People X Process = Profit, where “People” = your team and “Process” = your system (training, procedure manuals, flowcharts, checklists, scripts, etc., etc…) In short, your team runs your system, your system runs your business… if […]

Feeling Trapped in Your Family Business?

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One seldom talked about aspects of family businesses is how some family members feel trapped by obligations and as a result, suffocate in it. If there’s no intervention, they eventually self-destruct, bringing down the business as well as family relationships.   Here is a typical scenario in some family businesses where there are siblings with different levels of […]

Family Constitution

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Recently we’ve received a few inquiries about drafting family business constitutions… we told them if that’s all they need, just google “free family constitution templates”, here’s why… Drafting the document is the easy part, the real challenges are to get everyone aligned and to make tough decisions that’s best for the business/family longterm. Imagine the same […]