“It’s So Hard to Get Good People”

Breaking Limiting Beliefs

Hello Folks,

Let me share with you another “moment of truth” this week.

Quick recap, a ‘moment of truth’ in our terminology means facing the reality of what the real issue around a particular challenge is.

So many business owners I met have expressed how difficult it is for them to train their employees or to get good ones. Their most common claims are:

  1. They are in unique industries.
  2. It take years to acquire the skill sets in their particular specialization.
  3. The pool of qualified candidates are small.
  4. The younger generation is not like the previous generation, bad work ethics, etc, etc…
  5. ….

Here is the moment of truth:

When I asked these businesses what sort of tailor-made, comprehensive, formalized training process do they have in place to ensure an employee acquire the level of skills needed to perform, practically NONE can give me a specific answer.

Some have one-to-one guidance with an experienced person, some have budget allocated for external trainings every year (but usually done without analyzing needs), some have training manuals that are developed with external consultants’ help but never properly tested and applied, some just headhunt experienced people from competitors and discover these candidates do not fit their culture, ending up as expensive flops….

So the real questions are…

  1. Do you want to get stuck in self-limiting beliefs or what I prefer to call experience-and-industry-propagated-myths… or
  2. Do you want to set yourself way ahead of your competition by actually doing something about it?

Some of my clients have built internal training systems for skills they initially thought impossible to train and supposedly very subjective, for example, in areas such as creativity. Some have non-technical sales people selling engineering services, which they initially believed to be impossible.

What differentiates them from the rest is the ability to view a challenge with the objective of solving it, discarding their previous beliefs around the challenge.

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Have a profitable week ahead!

The Familybiz Works Team

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