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Social Media Improves Customer Service?

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Hi Folks, There’s been a lot written about how social media increases customer engagement, thus leading to better customer service… Is it true? Like most things in life, the truth is somewhere in between, it all boil down to the business owner’s attitude towards customer service and the effective execution of well thought out strategies. […]

Recruitment Reality Check

Recruitment Reality Check

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One of the earliest job interviews I attended was with a fairly large listed manufacturing company back in the 1990’s. As I was waiting in reception, I can smell herbal soup boiling in the pantry. I can sense the very friendly but lethargic vibes permeating the entire environment… employees, mostly in their 40s to 50s, greeted each other by […]

people x process = profit

People x Process = Profit, but, where is the breakdown?

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If you have attended business seminars before (regardless of source), you will most likely have come across this common equation: People X Process = Profit, where “People” = your team and “Process” = your system (training, procedure manuals, flowcharts, checklists, scripts, etc., etc…) In short, your team runs your system, your system runs your business… if […]

Respect All Parties, See Your Business Multiply

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A business owner needs to deal with 4 main parties… staff, suppliers, customers and partners. I am amazed at how frequently I meet business owners who are all charming and accommodating when speaking to clients or prospective clients but immediately turn aggressive and condescending when it’s their own staff or suppliers. Even more amazingly, these […]

Effective Sales Compensation Plan

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Having an effective sales compensation plan is critical to your business success. Your plan will vary according to your industry, your culture, the goals you want to achieve and the stage your business is at. The best compensation plan is one that is easy to understand and allows the salesperson to know exactly where he stands in terms of his performance, in real-time. The 3 most common plans are: Salary only. Base Salary + Commission. Commission Only. Most […]

Leadership by Fear…

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Throughout my coaching career,  I’ve come across many leadership styles, some enroll, some inspire, some rule by fear, some rule by carrot, some by stick, etc… Today, I want to touch a bit on leaders who are dominant and feared by their team members. Their team fears them because they know their boss have low […]

Excellence vs Perfection

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A very short but interesting one this week. One client complained for almost 30 minutes this week, of how having daily checklist & morning briefing for staff “didn’t work” for him… how they are still making the same irritating mistakes daily, etc… I stopped him and asked, how many items in the daily checklist and how […]