Genius Is Overrated – It’s Persistence and Good Mentoring That Matters

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Someone posted this article on facebook… … as I was reading it, a few paragraphs struck me as extremely relevant to business owners so I’ve decided to extract the relevant paragraphs here, all credits go to the original source/author of, I couldn’t have put it better: “In 1993, Swedish psychologist K. Anders Ericsson […]

Moments of Truth

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I recently did a 1/2 day session for lay counsellors(individuals who volunteer their time to counsel others in various organizations)… One of the topic we covered was ‘moments of truth’, since we have this term in coaching as well, I thought it would be interesting to share how similar it is in business and in […]

Single Category Dependence

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One of the worst mistake some business owners make is to be over-dependent on one thing… one key account, one product or product line, one marketing strategy, owner’s persona or personal charisma, one source of business…. Those who ignore the fact they need to build more pillars for their businesses can find themselves facing sudden […]