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Hi Folks,

Recently I met a business owner whose main complaint was not being able to recruit good agents/resellers for his business. His business model is recruiting non-salaried salespeople as agents to promote & sell his products.

I asked him to pitch me as though I am a potential agent, here is a summary of the debrief I did with him after listening to his pitch:

His intention was great. He sincerely wanted to help individuals who are stuck in dead-end jobs or want to have financial independence be successful. He always paid commission on time and gave great support.

However, his pitch wasn’t so great. The gist of his story came across as him boasting to potential agents about how rich, influential and successful he was and how badly/desperately they needed him. He didn’t ask any clarifying questions and assumed everyone’s motivation is the same, which is, as long as there is money to be made, they will be “crazy not to be interested”.

I get what he was trying to achieve with his pitch, he was trying to generate desire & excitement, but the way it was delivered, it tends to turn away the really good people and instead attract those who are desperate as well as unsuitable. This is the reason he attracted a very average team.

Here are the adjustments I got him to make:

  1. Tell his success story, but tell it in a way the other person can relate to… for example, how he got started, the lessons he learned along the way to success & prosperity & how he can mentor them to achieve the same if they join his team.
  2. Instead of implying prospects will fail in their lives without him, which is very patronizing especially to people he’s meeting for the first time, explain how he can help them accelerate their success because they will make less mistakes as they can learn from his early mistakes.
  3. Have a set of clarifying questions at the beginning of his pitch process to discover a person’s motivation and find out whether it is aligned to what he wants to achieve with his business. A person whose motivation & goals are aligned to his will require very little external motivation to get going.

I have worked with many business owners who don’t believe in or use scripts in their businesses. Big mistake. The fact is, whether you believe in it or not, you ARE in fact already using scripts, here is why – all you need to do is to get a recorder or use your mobile phone to record down 10-20 of your conversations with your prospects and listen to them. You will be saying almost the same things every time, on autopilot. That is in fact your script for handling prospects.

If you record down you or your staff’s conversations with customers when handling complaints, when handling inquires for new products, etc, you will discover the same thing: you and they say almost the same thing in the same situations, every time. Those are your scripts for customer service, product inquiry, etc, you just don’t realize it’s there all along, working against you.

So here is the Million Ringgit question:

If you already are using scripts consciously or unconsciously, why not write it down, rehearse it, test it, measure its conversion rate and re-write it until you have the BEST script for every situation?

Your business will multiply. I guarantee it.

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